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About us

Our names are Rick & Fanie and we started this business 3 years ago. We are located in the beautiful Mont-Tremblant area in the province of Quebec in Canada. Our quest for health and well-being led us to the discovery of the Chaga mushroom, this treasure of the forest which we have been harvesting with passion since. As soon as we started consuming Chaga, we both knew we were onto something fantastic. We drink chaga tea daily and we still love harvesting from time to time.

We moved into our new factory 1 year ago and we are now working with 25+ harversters all trained by us. We make sure they follow strict guidelines to make sure we dont over-harvest and that they always leave a part of the mushroom on the tree to promote regrowth. We also change our harvesting area often. We want to make sure we will be able to enjoy the diamond of the forest forever!