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How To Prepare and Consume Chaga

Chaga Tea Pot

Chaga cell walls are made of chitin, one of the hardest off all naturally occurring materials known to date, making chaga indigestible to human beings without proper cooking. This means that for you to unlock and enjoy the amazing benefits of our chaga products, an extraction process is needed to crack the cells and release the beneficial ingredients. However, all chaga extraction methods are not equal. 

We advise our customers to use hot-water extraction method to obtain optimal benefits from our chaga products. We recommend this method because it facilitates release of all the active ingredients giving you maximum chaga tea benefits.  

How to Prepare Chaga Tea Using the Hot Water Extraction Method 

Put some water in a clean pot, and add the Chaga product of your choice- Below is a table showing our recommended brewing quantity, brewing time, and the maximum number of reuse possible for each of our product.  

Grams / liter of water (32 fl oz) Brewing time Reuse
Chunks 14g (4-5 pieces) 3 to 4 hours 3 - 4 times
Nuggets 14g (1/4 cup) 3 to 4 hours 1 - 2 times
Powder 10g (1 full table spoon) 1 to 2 hours None

Place the pot on the stove and let the mixture cook on low to medium heat - We strongly recommend keeping the water below boiling point, since bringing it to a full boil (too much heat) may destroy some of the beneficial nutrients. With the Hot-Water Extraction Method, you’ll have a good powerful tea in about two to eight hours; mainly depending on whether you are using powder, nuggets, or chunks chaga. 

Wait until the liquid develops a rich dark color that’s similar to that of coffee. The dark color indicates that your tea is ready. Note that every time you reuse a product, you have to adjust the quantity of grams/liter as well as the brewing time to achieve the desired dark color. 

Chaga Tea Dark Coffee
Chaga Tea Strain

Strain the tea, then serve and enjoy – Don’t forget to store the Chaga chunks or nuggets in the freezer, for reuse. 

In case some Chaga tea is left over, do not discard it. Simply put the excess tea in a sealable container and keep it in your refrigerator. The drink can be enjoyed while warm or cold, hence, it’s not necessary to keep reheating the tea whenever you want to drink some. 

Additionally, if the excess amount is too much that it’s impossible to consume all of it within a few days, you can always freeze the excess. Ideally, form chaga tea ices cubes by putting some of the Chaga tea in the ice cube tray. Then, add the chaga cubes in other beverages to give them the powerful punch of Chaga’s nutrients. Note; if you intend to use your chaga to supplement other beverages, it’s best to use concentrated chaga tea, which you can easily achieve by leaving some of your Chaga tea to boil for a little longer.   

Chaga Storage